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Integrative Mediation Services

We offer skilled support to assist individuals and organizations through what can be experienced as challenging conversations or situations.

These conversations are supported by trained and compassionate mediators and facilitators. Our goal is to provide a process which supports a respectful, focused and open dialogue to which leads to productive outcomes.

We also provide seminars, workshops and training in the areas of Assertive communication, Respectful Workplace training, Civility in the Workplace and a variety of other Conflict Resolution courses for organizations both large and small. We can also provide training in the field of Restorative Practices.
Conflict is inevitable and normal part of our interpersonal interactions. How we deal with and work through these events can be either positive and fruitful or negative and unproductive. We all have many effective communication skills and strategies we bring to our conversations, and there are other skills and strategies we may not be aware of. Integrative Mediation Services provides you with these new skills, strategies and insights, which will take you to the next level in your productive conversations. These insights and skills will enhance not only your communication skill level but will also increase your confidence when working through conflict situations. Often it is not the message, which is the issue, but how the message is delivered.

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About Kerry

Kerry Palmer has worked in the area of Dispute Resolution for the past 22 years.

He has certificates from the Justice Institute of British Columbia in Conflict Resolution, Restorative Practices specialization and Family Mediation. Kerry has a diploma from Vancouver Community College in Adult Instruction.

As well, he is a certified trainer with the International Institute of Restorative Practices in Family Group Conferencing.

Kerry worked with the Dispute Resolution office of BC for the past 15 years as a Child Protection Mediator. In this role he supported both the families and the Ministry of Children and Family.

Currently Kerry is a mediator with the Provincial Government of B.C. He is also a Respectful Workplace Advisor for several Crown Corporations in B.C. In this role he has helped to develop Respectful Workplace policy, conducted respectful Workplace training, mediation, facilitation, and workplace assessments.

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Integrative Mediation Services