Kerry brings a depth of personal experiences and extensive knowledge in his realm of work. Kerry has developed and delivered numerous learning sessions for us, which allowed for extensive experiential learning, and incorporated both practice and reflection for maximal opportunity for the learning to translate in to action.

We would highly recommend Kerry as someone who can support individual and group learning in a multitude of workplaces.

Top Notch Learning Session - We have had the opportunity to have Kerry Palmer as part of our Saskatchewan Leadership Program faculty since 2014. Year after year, Kerry has delivered a top-notch learning session for up to 120 leaders each year in our annual program. Kerry has brought extensive expertise using mindful negotiation processes, helping leaders learn both the importance of, and how to skillfully communicate an effective and respectful way.

We would highly recommend Kerry to organizations that are looking to really make a difference in developing a culture of engagement through building these essential communication skills.

I have first handily seen the team reference materials, or “Remember Kerry said this...”.

Conflict is definitely not easy but being kind and curious are. Thank you for reinforcing this. I look forward to working with you and to continue this pathway for our team.

Comprehensive, experiential, with extensive knowledge. This reference letter is regarding Mr. Kerry Palmer’s experience and training with Gingolx Village Government. Over several years I had contracted with Mr. Palmer to provide a wide range of training courses for employees; from interpersonal skills, lateral violence, dealing with difficult people, conflict resolution to respectful workplace training and policy development. His course delivery was clear, comprehensive, experiential, with extensive knowledge and supportive stories. The evaluations showed that the employees learned new skills and knowledge in the various topic areas and were challenged to expand their personal awareness and professional development, despite their fears and apprehension to assert themselves.

In closing, I recommend Mr. Palmer to provide any training, mediation or coaching. His knowledge of First Nations history and current day complexities in the workplace is invaluable.

Kerry Palmer has been instructing our respectful workplace course for the past 9 years. In the three years I have been in the training department for British Columbia Rapid Transit I have found working with Kerry a very pleasant experience. Kerry is professional, on time (early) and effective.

Kerry conducts the respectful learning to our employees both in exempt positions and bargaining unit positions. He uses situational examples to initiate group conversation and activity. I have seen the feedback forms from the employee’s taking this course, always positive responses.